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        Sally Technology CO.,LTD. founded in 1998,is specialized in the manufacturer of bathroom hardware accessories such as detachable shower cabins,complete shower cabins,steam shower room, bathroom cabinets,massage bathtubs,faucets and sprinklers, ect. Our company is located in China shower room industrial base -Zhongshan ,Guangdong,the Sally Shower Equipment industrial park covered an area of 40000 m2,its annual sales volume is over 400 thousand pieces(set),is one of the leading companies of China shower rooms industrial base. Sally Technology CO.,LTD gains recognition of industry with its honesty,power and superior quality of its products.

        Sally Technology CO.,LTD. has 13 product lines to produce the sanitary wares,among them,there are more than 300(set) advanced sanitary wares production equipment, the annual production capacity has reached about 500 thousand pieces(set).We have all kinds of inspection instruments and equipment over 30 pieces in all,and have the ability of self-production and self-inspection.With more than one decade's development,our products develop from single shower rooms to complete shower rooms,we research,develop and promote 18 series ,over 200 kinds of sanitary wares in all.There are over 50 RD patents.Over 10 technologies became China the first company of the industry and became China shower rooms industry association vice chairman institution and one of the main industry standard drafting institution.Our products blend in low carbon aesthetic element,body engineering,process improvement and new material use,reflect the modern fashion style in the continual innovation and be the bench-marking enterprise.




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